RODO is a dental device company developing next-generation abutment systems. Smileloc leads their mission to set a new standard for implant dentistry. Our solution eliminates concern over residual cement and occlusal screw access holes.

Retention, retrieval and
re-insertion without screws or cement.


How it Works

Steps to a successful implant restoration:


Insert RODO abutment

Compatible with major implant systems.


Try-in crown

Check contact, occlusion, color, emergence profile, contour


Add Smileloc

Inner Smileloc flaps lock into the abutment. Outer Smileloc flaps will lock into the coping luted inside the crown.


Seat the crown

Crown is now locked onto the abutment. There is no cement cleanup, and no screw access holes to fill.

Smileloc is FDA approved and available to limited markets in the US and other countries.

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